The 65-and-above age group will account for nearly all of Maine’s population growth in the next ten years.

February 6, 2013

According to Chartbook: Older Adults and Adults with Physical Disabilities: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine 2012 Edition, Maine’s older population, persons age 65-and-above, is close to one-fifth (17%) of Maine’s total population and will account for nearly 99% of Maine’s population growth in the next ten years.

While the under-65 age group is projected to grow by only 1,565 people between now and 2022, Maine’s public and private long term care systems will need to prepare for the varied needs of almost 105,000 additional persons age 65-or-older.

In 2010, Maine had 382 working age adults for each 100 persons age 65-or-above.  All but two states had a higher ratio of working age to older adults.  That means Maine had fewer working age adults to support or provide care for each older person.   

Maine’s population across all age groups had New England’s second-highest poverty rate in 2010 (12.9%) and the highest poverty rate among persons age 65-and-above (9.5%). 

In 2010, only Florida (17.3%) and West Virginia (16.0%) ranked higher than Maine in the percent of population age 65-or-above. As a percent of total population, Maine’s 65-and-above age group continues to grow at a faster rate than New England’s or the rest of the nation.