A Guide to Creating an Aging Friendly Maine

October 18, 2013

On 10/15/13 at the Speaker’s Round Table Discussion on Aging, the Maine Association of Area Agencies on Aging, in collaboration with AARP Maine, released a report entitled Building a Collaborative Community Response to Aging in Place – A Guide to Creating an Aging Friendly Maine, One Community at a Time.  The report, commissioned by the John T. Gorman Foundation, offers a roadmap to communities on how to help older residents thrive in their homes and communities as they age. 

Jessica Maurer, Executive Director of the Maine Association of Area Agencies on Aging said, “Older adults want to age in their homes and their communities.  Unfortunately, far too many older Mainers are finding it increasingly impossible to maintain their existing homes and are not finding viable housing options where they live.  Building vibrant aging friendly communities will not only help people age at home, it will also attract new workers to Maine and help build our economy.”  This new report offers communities the tools they need to understand how to build a collaborative community effort that can assess the needs of older Mainers and plan to meet those needs through integrated and sustainable ways.

Speaker of the House Mark W. Eves is hosting a series of Round Table Discussions on Aging focused on both the challenges and opportunities we have in Maine related to our aging demographic. Participants represent a broad sector of Maine’s economy and are bringing new ideas and assets to the table to begin to re-imagine what it means to grow old in Maine. 

"This report provides a strong blueprint for making communities in Maine more aging friendly," said Speaker Mark Eves of North Berwick. "We were pleased to unveil it Tuesday during our aging round table series, which brings policy makers and community leaders together to identify opportunities to address the aging crisis in our state.  As leaders, it is imperative that we take short and long term steps to prepare our economy, our communities, and our public health system for the aging challenges we face."

The report can be found at http://maine4a.org/image_upload/FINALREPORT.pdf.