2014 State Senior Health Rankings Released

May 26, 2013

The second annual Senior Health Ranking has been released! Click here for a summary. Maine ranked 14th healthiest overall for the health of our citizens 65+ yrs and older. The report presents data on 34 metrics to rank the health of each state’s senior population - eight metrics representing current health status of seniors (“outcomes”) and 26 metrics about personal behaviors, community environment and clinical care issues that are known to impact seniors’ health in the future (“determinants”).

Maine’s ranking report highlights both strengths and challenges for our communities. Among Maine’s elderly hospitalized for heart attacks, heart failure and pneumonia, 99% received the care recommended while in the hospital; this was the highest percent in the nation. Maine ranked 5th best for diabetes management for Medicare beneficiaries. However, the relatively high prevalence of chronic drinking and physical inactivity among Maine’s seniors, and dental health continue to be of concern.

Maine’s 2014 Senior Report summary is attached. To review Maine’s data in more depth and to compare to other states, go to: www.americashealthrankings.org

As a reminder, MaineHealth’s Health Index team created PDF reports of the 2014 County Health Rankings© data for every county in Maine and Carroll County, NH. To view and/or download these reports, go to: http://mainehealth.org/mh_body.cfm?id=8595.